Our customized strategy for each client begins with a detailed understanding of goals.

What sets us apart is the use of our proprietary product strategies: Palmetto, Live Oak and Magnolia.

Each strategy is customized to address investment objectives and risk tolerance of individual client families. No two portfolios are exactly the same, but each shares a common investment chassis and long-term goals.

As part of our process, we hold regularly scheduled performance reviews. We measure results against client objectives and market benchmarks.*

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Disciplined Process

Tidal Creek Capital Performance Optimization

Tidal Creek Capital Advisors Process

Proprietary Product Strategies

Growth & Income

  • Targeted to Outperform S&P Benchmark over the long term.
  • Managed with hedge fund characteristics for downside protection.
  • Makes use of short positions and options as appropriate.
  • Nimble.


  • High-yield replacement for money market, CD, or checking.
  • Portfolio consists of:
    • Bonds
    • Select equities with superior balance sheets
    • REITs
    • Diversified, high-yield bonds
  • Current effective yield: 4.2% (September 2019)
  • Many clients choose to link to a checking account or debit card for on-demand withdrawals

Small Company Focus

  • Generally suitable for smaller account sizes.
  • Makes use of a series of broad asset class ETFs.
  • Highly-customizable according to client risk profile and goals.

The Value of Covered Calls and Puts

Covered calls:

  • Used on existing holdings.
  • Enhance return via a “forced dividend”.
  • Lower volatility.

The strategy of writing covered calls, when compared to simply buying and holding equity positions, increases returns and lowers portfolio volatility.

Financial Planning Process

  • Step 1

    Initial Meeting

    Discuss current financial framework. Onboard with planning software.

  • Step 2

    Planning Meeting

    Present Tidal Creek Capital recommendations.

  • Step 3

    Ongoing Support

    Track progress. Revisit consistently and adjust as needed.