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Low Doesn’t Feel Good

Pessimism Reigns To date, 2022 has been ugly.  On the global stage, there’s a war in Ukraine threatening to expand.  Global interest rates are on the rise, supply chains are still dysfunctional while the global economy has not fully recovered [...]
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Covid-19: Good News Moves West

Clients and friends of our firm: The Virus is the Market After the fastest decline since the Great Depression, anyone desiring to forecast the market’s next move must first grapple with an understanding of the trajectory of the virus.  At [...]
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Covid-19: Hunker Down

Clients and friends of our firm: Hunker Down In a crisis, Mondays are the worst.  The weekend allows time for investors to sit in a stew of their worst fears.  As a result the pent up desire to sell bursts [...]
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Coronavirus Fears - S&P 500 Vs. Corporate Profits


Clients and friends of our firm: We’re closely watching the spread and impact of the Coronavirus.  Over the weekend, the death toll from the virus climbed to 81 from just 25 on Friday morning.  The number of confirmed cases in [...]
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Hurricane Preparations

Clients and Friends of our Firm: It’s Hurricane Season again.  Our thoughts are with those in Texas still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  As we mark the anniversary of the hurricane that stuck the home of many of [...]
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